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Disclaimer: This Template was built for use in Google Sheets.

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"This macro reporting sheet has been an absolute game changer for myself, and my clients! Everything about this reporting sheet makes my weekly client check-ins so much easier and organized. My favorite features are all the average calculations for macros and daily weigh ins. Aaron's reporting sheet has been the best "upgrade" to my nutrition coaching business, hands down."

Tara Nicole
Owner / Trainer | ThriveHouse

"I purchased Aaron’s template recently and it has already sped up my work day. It’s professional, clean and customisable for my needs. The aftercare has also been outstanding from Aaron as I had a few questions regarding setup. He replied within 24hrs and was happy to assist and advise. This for me is full service. He’s a credit to the industry. Thank you."

Ollie King
Personal Trainer | OllieKingPT

"I cannot recommend Aaron’s macro template enough. It has saved me so much time in making quick adjustments to clients and seeing all their relevant data all in one nice and easy to read place. Best part is, I was able to make adjustments to the way I already do things and it has seriously saved me a ton of time. Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy."

Dr. Joey Rosi
Owner | Alinea Performance
  • Is this only for nutrition coaches?
    No, as an individual who wants to do their own nutrition this template is immensely helpful.

    Two of the most beneficial reasons for hiring a coach are objectivity and accountability, this template helps provide the objectivity you would otherwise not have.

    It can be difficult to determine rate of progress without periodic check-ins with yourself, averaging your weigh-in periods to measure progress toward your goal, and putting the data in front of you to recap how adherent you actually are to the set of macro targets you have set for yourself.

    This template simply organizes all of that data in front you.
  • Can I use this in MS Excel?
    This Template was built for use in Google Sheets. This makes collaboration with your clients seamless and avoids the issues of multiple filenames, stale/outdated versions, MS Office licenses, and unsupported versioning issues. That being said, you can port this to Excel however I cannot ensure 100% compatibility with whichever version of Excel you might have.
  • Do I need a Google Account to use this?
    Yes, when completing your purchase you will need to provide a Gmail or G Suite email address so I can share your version of the master copy with you.
  • As a nutrition coach or trainer, how would I use this with multiple clients?
    As a coach you would create copies of the master, each client gets their own copy and should be named appropriately. 

    For example if you have 5 clients (Clients A-E) you would duplicate your Master copy once for Client A, again for Client B, a third time for Client C....each client gets their own copy.

    Then you share file A with client A. Both you and the client have read/write access to the file so you can collaborate on it in real time.

    As the coach you set/modify client A's macros and changes each week and then client A fills in the input data for their morning weigh-ins and daily macronutrients they ate the previous day from Cronometer or MFP or wherever. 

    Then whenever you and your client have your check-in schedule set, all of the data is already in here, progress photos, weekly weigh-ins and the average, macronutrients and the average, etc.
  • How long can I use this?
    365 days of consecutive reporting and 52 week long check-in "blocks" are pre-configured ready to go out of the box. You can customize the "start date" and the corresponding weeks and days will auto-update from your custom input start date. You can duplicate a pristine copy for use after you have finished filling 365 days.
  • Can I change the SNCo. branding to my own?
    Yes, and I encourage you too if you are a coach and using this template for managing your own clients.
  • Will this provide me ongoing macros?
    This template includes a "maintenance calories estimating" starting point that can provide ballpark numbers to use as a jumping off point however for ongoing direction you should hire a nutrition coach. For working with me personally, take a look at my nutrition coaching and education service at https://strakernutritionco.com/metabolic-performance-protocol/
  • Can I see a demo or walkthrough?
    Of course! You can see a walkthrough of the template in the YouTube video below.